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There are a lot of sites provide the Cisco CCIE 400-101 exam Q&AS for you. Examgood is only website which can provide you Cisco 400-101 exam certification with high quality. In the guidance and help of Examgood, you can through your Cisco 400-101 exam the first time. The questions and the answer provided by Examgood are IT experts use their extensive knowledge and experience manufacturing out. It can help your future in the IT industry to the next level.

With the material you can successed step by step. In the such a brilliant era of IT industry in the 21st century competition is very fierce. Naturally, Cisco certification 400-101 exam has become a very popular exam in the IT area. More and more people register for the exam and passing the certification exam is also those ambitious IT professionals' dream. Examgood could give you the Cisco CCIE 400-101 exam Q&AS that with the highest quality.

Share some CCIE 400-101 exam questions and answers below.
Which three parameters must match to establish OSPF neighbor adjacency? (Choose three.) 
A. the process ID 
B. the hello interval 
C. the subnet mask 
D. authentication 
E. the router ID 
F. the OSPF interface priority 
Answer: BCD

What are two of the commands that you can enter to gracefully shut down OSPF and notify neighbors?(Choose two) 
A. router(config-if)# ip ospf graceful shutdown 
B. router(config-if)# ip ospf shutdown 
C. router(config-router)# shutdown 
D. router(config-router)# graceful shutdown 
E. router(config)# ip notify 
Answer: BC

Your network is suffering excessive output drops.Which two actions can you take to resolve the problem? (Choose two.) 
A. Install a switch with larger buffers. 
B. Configure a different queue set. 
C. Reconfigure the switch buffers. 
D. Configure the server application to use TCP. 
E. Update the server operating system. 
Answer: AB

Which statement is true about LLDP? 
A. LLDP provides VTP support. 
B. LLDP does not use a multicast address to communicate. 
C. LLDP can indicate only the duplex setting of a link, and not the speed capabilities. 
D. LLDP does not support native VLAN indication. 
Answer: D

A packet from network destined for network arrives at R1 on interface Gi0/0, but the router drops the packet instead of transmitting it out interface Gi0/1.Which feature that is configured on R1 can cause this problem? 
B. split horizon 
C. uRPF 
D. spanning tree 
Answer: C

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