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Share some CCIE Wireless 400-351 exam questions and answers below.
In a VWLAN deployment, what autonomous ISO command should be used to ensure that VWLAN performance is not adversely impacted by an unexpected channel change resulting from a DFS event triggered by a nearby airport radar system? 
A. ap(config-if)#DFs band 1block 
B. ap(config-if)#DFs band 23 block 
C. ap(config-if)#DFs band 123 block 
D. ap(config-if)#DFs band 13 block 
E. ap(config-if)#DFs band 2 block 
Answer: B

If a guest anchor controller is used outside the firewall,which firewall ports must you open for guest access including SNMP and mobility features to work in a Cisco unified wireless network? 
A. UDP 16667. IP Protocol97. UDP 500 501 
B. UDP 16666 .IP Protocol97. UDP 162 163 
C. UDP 12222 .IP Protocol97. UDP 161 162 
D. UDP 16666 . IP Protocol 97. UDP 161 162 
E. UDP 12223 . IP Protocol 97. UDP 161 162 
Answer: D

Your customer needs the list of all the guest client that connected to Wi-Fi successfully but have not yet authenticated. The customer decides to create an advanced filter in Cisco Pounder monitor >client and user which two conditions should be included in the filter? (Choose two) 
A. PEM state =WebauthReqD 
B. On Network= Yes 
C. Status =Associated 
D. Type =Lightweight client 
Answer: C,D

You are in process of installing Cisco prime high availability servers and you have a firewall between the primary and secondary server. Which two incoming and outgoing TCPIUDP ports must be enabled on the firewall for Cisco prime servers to exchange health monitoring heartbeat massage and to allow Oracle to synchronize data? (Choose two} 
A. 1521 
B. 8080 
C. 8082 
D. 1522 
Answer: C,D

There are 5 switches in the network use VTPv3, SW1 and SW2 configured as Server mode. SW1 is the primary server with revision 50. When add a new SW6 with Revision 200, what will happen? 
A. Switch3 updates its own database with the VLAN information received from SW2 
B. VTPv3 configure own database with the VLAN information received from SW1 
C. Switch6 updates its own database with the VLAN information received from SW1 
D. No switch will work 
Answer: C

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