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With the 300-360 CCNP Wireless questions material of Examgood, you can through Cisco 300-360 exam the first time.The community has a lot of talent, people constantly improve their own knowledge to reach a higher level. But the country's demand for high-end IT staff is still expanding, internationally as well. So many people want to pass Cisco 300-360 certification exam. But it is not easy to pass the exam. However, in fact, as long as you choose good 300-360 CCNP Wireless questions material to pass the exam is not impossible.

Share some CCNP Wireless 300-360 exam questions and answers below.
After the completion of a site survey with Ekahau Site Survey tool, using the default color palette, it is noted that multiple areas are shown as white on the heat map when viewing 5 GHz signal strength data. What does this indicate about the signal strength? 
A. The area is below the minimum threshold configured on the tool. 
B. The area is below the detectable level and indicates no RF signal. 
C. The area is below -100 dBm at coverage cell edge. 
D. The area is below -67 dBm at coverage cell edge. 
Answer: B

An 802.11n implementation is being discussed. Users are satisfied with the potential 300-450 Mbps throughput of new 802.11n APs. Which three bandwidth requirements are used to calculate per client bandwidth through an 802.11n AP network? (Choose three.) 
A. 450 Mbps throughput is the client max for 5-GHz radio. 
B. Channel bonding on 5 GHz is required for a client to have a 300 Mbps WiFi link. 
C. 300 Mbps throughput is the client max for 2.4-GHz radio. 
D. The remaining bandwidth is divided per device when more clients are connected to one AP. 
E. 100 Mbps Ethernet switch port is a potential bottleneck. 
F. CleanAir helps clear noise for 802.11n channel bonding to work. 
Answer: A,C,E

An engineer is planning for a 24 Mbps data rate for a new installation. What is the coverage area from the AP if the environment and other factors are not taken into consideration? 
A. 225 feet 
B. 80 feet 
C. 150 feet 
D. 100 feet 
Answer: B

A network engineer is preparing for an office site survey with a height of 2.5 meters. Which three components are recommended to complete the survey? (Choose three.) 
A. Use APs with external antennas. 
B. Use DoS attack on APs while measuring the throughput. 
C. Use APs with built-in antennas. 
D. Use a battery pack to power APs. 
E. Use a drawing of the office space to draw AP and client placements. 
F. Use APs with directional antennas. 
Answer: C,D,E

What is a common cause for signal attenuation? 
A. Cinder block wall 
B. Office window 
C. Metal door 
D. Glass wall 
Answer: C

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