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We all know that the major problem in the IT industry is a lack of quality and practicality. Examgood 400-201 CCIE SP samples exam questions to prepare for your exam training materials you need. Like actual certification exams, multiple-choice questions to help you pass the exam. The our Examgood 400-201 CCIE SP samples exam questions, the verified exam, these questions and answers reflect the professional and practical experience of Examgood.

IT authentication certificate is a best proof for your IT professional knowledge and experience. If you do not give up, the next second is hope. Quickly grab your hope, it is in the Examgood 400-201 CCIE SP samples exam questions. We all know that in the fiercely competitive IT industry, having some IT authentication certificates is very necessary. Examgood promise that we will spare no effort to help you pass Cisco certification 400-201 exam. Now you can free download part of 400-201 CCIE SP samples exam questions on Examgood.

Share some CCIE 400-201 exam questions and answers below.
Which three of these are optical channel data unit (ODU) overhead fields? (Choose three) 
A. general communication channel 0 (GCC0) 
B. section monitoring 
C. reserved (RES) 
D. general communication channels 1 and 2 (GCC1 GCC2) 
E. tandem connection monitoring activation deactivation (TCM ACT) 
Answer: C, D, E

What three major tasks are performed by a Designated Intermediate System in an ISIS pseudonode environment? (Choose three.) 
A. updating the pseudonode LSP 
B. maintaining pseudonode link-state information 
C. creating the pseudonode LSP 
D. flooding LSPs over the LAN 
E. election of the pseudonode 
Answer: A, C, D

What is the minimum hardware configuration of the multishelf Cisco CRS-1 system? 
A. One route processor (RP) card and one modular services card (MSC) 
B. One distributed route processor (DRP) and one S13 fabric card (SFC) 
C. One line card chassis (LCC) and one fabric card chassis (FCC) 
D. One route processor (RP) and one fabric card chassis (FCC) 
E. One line card chassis (LCC) and one S13 fabric card (SFC) 
Answer: C

In MPLS-enabled network, which two improvements does EVPN provide compared to traditional VPLS? 
A.Use of LDP to allocate EVPN-related labels 
B.Per flow load balancing 
C.Optimized learning and flooding process 
D.Leveraging of enhanced VFIs to provide greater scalability 
E.No need for exchange of MAC reachability between PEs 
F.Use of BGP as a control-plane protocol 
Answer: BC

What is one of the primary overhead fields associated with the Optical Payload Unit (OPU)? 
A. path monitoring 
B. tandem connection monitoring activation deactivation (TCM ACT) 
C. Payload Structure Identifier (PSI) 
D. multiframe alignment signal (MFAS) 
E. section monitoring 
Answer: C

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