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Share some Network Appliance NCIE-SAN NS0-505 exam questions and answers below.
The ability of many E-Series controllers to hold an additional firmware image in reserve _________. (Choose the best answer.)
A. is used to store a backup boot image
B. allows controller firmware to be downloaded immediately and activated at a later time
C. allows two firmware images to be used at the same time
D. is used for Support use only
Answer: C

Which item can be downloaded concurrently with controller firmware? (Choose the best answer.)
A. SANtricity software
C. ESM firmware
D. Drive firmware
Answer: B

Which component of an E-Series storage system should always be upgraded first? (Choose the best answer.)
A. ESM firmware
B. Controller firmware
C. Controller NVSRAM
D. SANtricity management client
Answer: B

A d-stripe within a disk pool is always the equivalent of _______. (Choose the best answer.)
A. 9+1 RAID 3
B. 9+1 RAID 5
C. 8+2 RAID 6
D. 5+5 RAID 10
E. 10+0 RAID 0
Answer: C

What uses the Access Volume? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Legacy operating environments
B. XOR parity calculations
C. Asymmetric Logical Unit
D. Redundancy Check
E. SMagent
Answer: E

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