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Examgood is a website which IBM meet the needs of many IT employees who participate in IBM C9010-250 exam. Examgood C9010-250 POWER8 Sales Skills V1 exam prep material are targeted training program providing for IBM C9010-250 IBM exam, which IBM make you master a lot of IT professional knowledge in a short time and then let you have a good preparation for IBM C9010-250 exam. Use Examgood C9010-250 POWER8 Sales Skills V1 exam prep material to connection the product or service Excellent. You'll not refuse purchasing the C9010-250 POWER8 Sales Skills V1 exam prep material seeing that it's the final online IBM C9010-250.

It is important that you just assess the review guideline frequently to be certain that most of the substances within C9010-250 POWER8 Sales Skills V1 exam prep material are usually coated in the range of planning approaches. It is a lot of strategy concerning this unique C9010-250 POWER8 Sales Skills V1 exam prep material on line, youll be able to have a peek at a lot of website and obtain the reasoning in regards to the research stuff and various issues that youll be able to have some gain.

Share some IBM Certified Sales Specialist C9010-250 exam questions and answers below.
A customer offers mobile phone plans via a secure website. They requested a meeting to evaluate what IBM has to offer in terms of a hybrid cloud infrastructure and data analytics solution, which will allow them to increase sales of mobile phone plans.What solution can be proposed to satisfy the requirements?
A. S814. PowerVM, PowerHA. Worklite. and IBM Cloud Orchestrator
B. S824. Cognos. IBM Cloud Orchestrator PowerSC, and PowerVM
C. S822. ProtecTIERWebsphere and IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack
D. S822. PowerKVMPowerHA and Cloud Toolkit
Answer: B

An installed HP Superdome/Oracle database customer is consider migrating to POWER8. The customer has significant financial concerns because of the multiple partitions and high Oracle licensing cost of their HP solution. What features/capability of POWERS should be discussed with this customer?
A. Processor pooling and high performance cores
B. PowerVP and PowerSC
D. Shared Storage and Processor roadmap
Answer: D

A small retailer has a 4-core S814 with one processor license to run the production workload. During the busy holiday season in November and December, the average daily workload is doubled. Which solution will provide the required processing capacity for the busy season?
A. Purchase an additional processor license.
B. Implement Elastic Capacity On Demand
C. Enable Active Memory Expansion
D. Purchase an additional processor activation
Answer: C

A POWERS customer with disk expansion drawers needs a non-disruptive solution to improve the disk performance at the lowest cost.What should be proposed to satisfy the customer's requirement?
A. V7000 SAN Disk
B. 840 Flash Storage
C. DS5000 SAN Disk
D. SSD drives
Answer: C

A customer is running an Oracle database on Solaris and needs to replace their systems. They are considering offerings from both Oracle and IBM. Oracle is leading with M5.What advantage should the IBM reseller discuss to demonstrate the value of POWER8?
A. Total cores on a single systems
B. License cost per core
C. Number of threads per core
D. Core performance
Answer: D

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